What's the Right Balance of Public & Private in a World of Big Data & Emerging Internet Superpowers?

Concord Hosts Privacy Debate Moderated by Professor Arthur Miller


New York University professor and Concord Law School supplementary lecturer, Arthur Miller, moderated a lively and timely debate on individual privacy in today's environment on June 8, 2013. In a format popularized by the Fred Friendly Seminars on PBS, Professor Miller presented a series of hypothetical vignettes to our distinguished panel. The engaging and dynamic program provided the opportunity for our expert panelists to give insights on balancing privacy and technology in a world of ubiquitous data, and managing liability when handling personally identifiable information.

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Facebook claims more than 1 billion active monthly users sharing 30 billion pieces of content each month. YouTube's 1 billion users generate 4 billion views per day. If they were countries, the social media giants would be ranked as #3 and #4 in the world based on population.

Nearly 15 billion devices are now connected worldwide, supplying a tidal wave of data of all kinds. Entities are amassing this data and combining databases in new ways, to form a clearer picture of situations and trends than ever before.

The volume, variety and velocity of data now being collected pose policy, technical, societal and legal challenges. Some opt for a privacy is dead, get over it attitude, but policymakers and privacy litigants will not be so easily dismissed. Is selling smartphone location data a violation of privacy or wiretap laws? How about data from biometric devices - who owns it? What about kids and apps -- what makes sense when children use social media, apps, and websites?

Businesses, government agencies, healthcare providers, law enforcement, future employers and more are eyeing opportunities from having all this data. How far can they go?

The Debate

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